Sunday, April 4, 2010



Today, we celebrate Jesus Risen. Resurrected. Alive. Not on the cross ever again.

Before 4am this morning, a mocking bird started singing his repretoire...and he is still going strong. It is still dark. All our windows are open. What does he know that we don't? We can't see him...yet. Only hear his loud, clear song. Chirps, chips, beeps, tweet-er-tweeter, caws, whistles, car alarms, trills, complicated little bars of notes, screeches, combinations, frogs, sparrow's songs, scissors, high and low, clear and soft and loud, questions and chugs.

What happens to a pregnant lady at the Rapture? Resurrected into a new body, does she then hold and behold her baby all grown up at her side?

The mocking bird took a five minute break at 5am. He has started his songs and song pieces again. It was just and encore. He stopped after five minutes.

3pm----grilled chicken and steaks for lunch with corn. and rolls. And it was good. little coffee ice cream for dessert.

The Jews for Jesus presentation went well---brought back home our pillows, glass dishes, candles. glad its over--as it was weighing me down to remember all the details...and the church secretary had no idea I had been tasked to get stuff until almost time.

Using the AC today for the first time this year...Easter Sunday

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