Saturday, April 17, 2010

That panic-ey feeling

I have such a long collection of blogs I visit...and I don't want to lose them.

I need to spend some time and add them here in case my computer acts up and eats my favorites list. With computers, nothing is ever permanent. You can spend all day composing the great epistle and poof---gone. Never to be seen again.

I wish there were a way to copy and paste the favorites list somewhere/somehow.

And I wish I were more organized as in a folder for all things Afghanistan.

Most I just read, a few a comment on. And some are for fun---like

update--- okay. there. I have added new ones up through the Ns. Saved them on this blog in case I lose my favorite.

Rain. We are getting a good soaking rain. we needed it. but, this is the race weekend for north Fort Worth...and a good friend's son's wedding... maybe they can get-er-done between showers. It was gonna be a quick ceremony at the Botanical gardens, anyway.

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Bag Blog said...

I have my list on my "favorites" but I also use Bloggers reading list on my dashboard. It shows me when blogs I follow post something new. That way, I have the list always at hand no matter what computer I use and I don't have to look at everyone's blog to see if they wrote that day. I like it.