Thursday, April 8, 2010


Last week, it was spring! It got hot, and we used the AC. And I was thankful for the AC.

Yesterday, it tried to rain. It tried real hard. There was thunder and everything. The car got a good wash at the grocery store, but when I got home, the drive was dry.

Then this wind out of the north started blowing. Had to close the windows on the north side of the house. We went to Wednesday night Bible Study. The wind kept blowing and it got colder and colder. Hey, I was about ready to wash the jackets and coats and put them away until next winter. What is this? The leaves are all leafed out. The pollen strands fall like rain. Everyone's ears are plugged, and we are all snorting and snuffing. We were hoping the rain would wash the air, but alas.

And now cold again. It is snowing north of Dalhart. Yikes. Snow in April. It has gotten down to 31 degrees on yesterday's date once before. The weatherman used the frost word in low lying areas. At least the wind has died down. Planes are still landing to the north.

NO rain in the forecast until Monday or Tuesday when it lumbers down from Alaska. A line of storms formed, but to our east, so someone is getting good spring rains stretching from Louisiana up to Indiana.

It is colder this morning in Dalhart, Texas than in Anchorage, Alaska.

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Mrs. JP said...

Weird, wild weather stuff. It's so nice when the car needs a rinse and the Lord provides isn't it?