Monday, May 7, 2012

The Art of Washing Dishes vs The Art of Stacking

With just the two of us, when the dishwasher quit working, I just started washing our dishes.  For years and years, doing dishes was not my favorite activity.  Our silly German made dishwasher takes forever, and I wondered if it even sterilized stuff. 

But, the beauty of washing dishes means you have clean hands, and time to gaze out the window at the clouds.  I read somewhere that you can count on alone time when washing dishes.  It takes concentration not to chip or break all the glass and china, so I try to slow down and focus.  And I am picky about clean, fresh soapy water.  And I prefer to stack the dishes to dry. 

Stacking dishes on towells worked for a few weeks, but I broke down and got a drain board and rack.  I forgot to get the silverware holder, so I am using the old one from either this dishwasher or the one before that I used under the sink to store extra scrubbers. 

I am still working on what to wash first so that it stacks best on the rack.  Some might see more quickly what to wash first, but it is making me think twice about what to use when cooking supper.  Kinda like chess...thinking ahead a few moves.  ha

Someday, I will wait around for someone to come diagnose what is wrong with the dishwasher.  Waiting around for repairmen is not my favorite thing to do.  And in this day and age, it is usually cheaper to replace the whole thing than buy a new computer board here or pump there.  I have already had the board/switches replaced.  Can't expect these plastic parts to last forever.  eh?

It sure brings back memories...washing dishes as a little girl standing on a chair.  My Dad took pictures of me and my sister.  I am sure we made more of a mess than were of any help.  But, my mom must have been sick or something, because my Dad selling us on the idea of washing dishes is my memory.  Reluctant helpers we were.  It isn't until you get married and have your own things that taking care of them means more.  And the after dinner mess was often overwhelming.  Where to start? 

Now I have the luxury of washing them slowly, and in my own way.  And I can do it sitting at the sink and wish the window was a little lower so that I can see out, but as least, I can see up. 

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