Tuesday, May 22, 2012

How would I explain to my grandparents...

One of my favorite pictures is me sitting on my Poppy's lap eating a sucker.  I was probably three or four years old.  I am happy.  I had lots of fun grandparents.  I was the first on both sides.  My Mother's Dad, Grandpa James even called me Number One. 

Poppy was more concerned about my character.  Specifically, how I treated my two years younger sister.   I remember how I was enjoying beating my sister at croquet a little too much.  He showed me how that was not very kind.  I remember it so clearly to this day.  Standing in his front yard in his beautiful green thin-bladed grass, with a mallet in my hand, and the colorful wooden balls and the precisely spaced wire wickets.  Good times.

Today, I am wondering how I would explain the internet to my grandparents.  Cousin Kenny probably beat me to it.  But, to say, you know how they promised we'd be able to see people on a tv like screen when we talk to them on the phone?  Well. we can now.  And typewriters are tied into our tv/phone screens...

How would I explain facebook?  and twitter?  And how the post office is dying. 

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