Friday, May 11, 2012

Tenticles of Amazon

I dare you to close your Amazon account.  They make it amazingly hard.

I poked around, and poked around on the website.  I finally found a "contact" tab, and asked to close my account.   They sent directions.  I followed them.  they then sent confirmation...was I sure?  And did I realize it would affect 10 other closely associated companies??  yikes.

I got tired of fake emails telling me an order had been cancelled.  And I got tired of Amazon telling me not to worry about them.  No thanks.  And try deleting an address!  People I sent a baby outfit for their newborn three years ago have since moved. 

I got another email from Amazon.  Asking if I'd fill out a survey.  Why were they so hard to contact, but now all of a sudden, I am given names of actual employees??  I prefer a company of people.  Yes, they were convenient.  Yes, they were the book-buying place.  Best if Bob orders his own. 

Who owns Amazon?   the employees sound Indian.  Every day I was getting an email telling me about some antique book that had been ordered and cancelled.  One of these days they were going to be successful, and I might not notice for a month until we got our credit card bill.  And then, the headache of tracking it down.  No thank you.  Amazon has so many tenticles.  And the irony?  They call themselves "customer-centric"  ha.  and world-wide.  I wish them the best.

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