Thursday, May 10, 2012

Post Office Adventures

I hauled three big flat rate boxes into the post office on Monday, and thought I had the forms completely filled out, but alas, no.  The clerk expected me to fill out all the separate poundages.  yikes.  His "guessing" and fussing cost me an hour.  But, they are on the way. 

Today I took in a very, very light, large flat rate box with a mug for my buddy nestled inside layers of bubble wrap.  Thankfully, this was going to Ohio.  But, the clerk fussed that I had used too big a box for just a mug.  I tried to explain that I had wrapped it in bubble wrap.  The clerk offered insurance.  For the first time in my life, I said, "sure".  Well, did I have a receipt??  And didn't I know that it would be a lot of trouble to buy insurance for a $10 mug?  Here, all these years, I refuse the insurance and extras because the packages seem to be making it okay.  Little did I know they don't really want you to buy all that crap because it is extra work for them?  Who knew!  wow.  What a joke.

I don't understand why the post office is going under.  Nope. 

Most days there is no line.  I guess everyone is paying their bills online. 

Whenever I can use the machine, I will.  I should have used it today.  No lip.

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