Thursday, May 24, 2012


Last Sunday, our pastor did an excellent sermon on the subject of joy, namely, The Joy of the Lord, how it sets us apart, makes Christianity attractive.  

The Joy of the Lord is supernatural.  We can't produce it on our own energy or strength.

The pastor related a story of playfulness:  when they were young marrieds, they would race each other to the mailbox.  Sometimes, his wife would shriek---much to the consternation of a policeman one time. 

I asked Bob what was/is our playfulness.  One time Bob read aloud the billboards until I thought it would drive me mad.  I don't know if he was trying to stay awake at the wheel, or what.  He says he was trying to entertain me.  

Word games---thinking of fun words beginning with the same letter.  Last night, we played with "f" and Bob was snoring when I said, (quoting one of our firstborn's first words: "french fry" said with a big breath inbetween).  So, first thing this morning---Bob blurts out "french fry" as if he just thought of it.  Too funny.   I have no proof I said it "first".  last night. 

Making Bob laugh has always been a perk.  Sometimes a suprise.  gravy.  extra.  a blessing. 

Bob's possession of a sense of humor is what drew me to him. 

And as Christians we need reminding to smile, laugh, let the joy leak out.  be playful.

Especially, these days of hormones---when even a slightly sad or poignant story make the tears stream down my cheeks.   Yesterday, when gropping and grasping with a story online, I could not stop crying, and it was funny!  It had to be hormones.  Sometimes I feel chilled and cannot get warm.  Sometimes, I feel tired 'cause I have forgotten to take my iron.   I know:  I need more sun, and more exercise.  Bite me. 

When we have turned off the tv because nothing good is on, and when I snort or laugh aloud at something I then read online, Bob wants in on it.  Sometimes it is a challenge to share in a voice he can understand because I am laughing or crying so hard.   But, it is fun to share.  Fun to have my best friend to share life with---the good, the bad, the questions, the grandchildren, and remember to lighten up and insert playfulness.  

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