Tuesday, March 11, 2008

FOG and Shuttle Launch


Heavy fog this morning.
Slow to burn off.
Causing traffic delays.
A cloud come down.

The Shuttle took off sometime after midnight. Past my bedtime, but NASA TV online is running the highlights at the top of each hour, so I have watched the liftoff a few times. I love watching NASA coverage of a shuttle flight. And this is a nice, long 17 day mission. Yipeee ! Seven guys packed inside Endeavour. Seven guys enjoyed a bone jarring ride into space. Fun. And Wednesday morning, March 19th, we could stand outside, if the weather is clear, and watch ISS and the shuttle on an overhead pass at 6:42am, and before that, the ATV at 6:38am. Better pass watchings Thursday March 20 and Saturday, March 22 as those passes will be directly overhead.

I am sure the neighbors wonder about us as we stand around before dawn or just at dark watching what looks like a star floating by overhead. If you did not know what you were looking at, you might think it was just an airplane, but it does not blink, and has no read or green wingtip lights. It resembles a star.

I wonder what it looked like this morning on the east coast as the shuttle blasted off. How many called 911 not knowing there was a liftoff scheduled? It was the first night liftoff in a long time. Anybody see it?

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