Monday, March 3, 2008


My husband loves to play Scrabble. I think the game was one of our first purchases as a newly married couple. I enjoy playing the game as long as I can make big words. And since my husband is so much better at it, he allows me to use more tiles so that I can give him some competition. We also use the Scrabble dictionary. And we trade out the blanks. I am not allowed to "bingo" but my husband usually bingoes at least once or twice a game. I recently had the opportunity to triple-triple: Laying an eight-letter word on the triple squares that are only found on the edge of the board.

I got stuck with the letter, Q early on in the game, and it took a while to draw the needed "U" or blank. Then the letters appeared where I could spell, "QUIXOTIC" but there are not many opportunities to add a "C" to join another word and build off it in order to play. That is when I noticed the word, "QUIXOTRY" in the Scrabble dictionary. And dear husband covered one opportunity on the right edge, but when I played a throw away hand to set up the bottom edge, he saw through my deviousness, but relented and did not block me again.

My husband was able to lay a triple-triple the next game with the word, "SECTIONED" using two blanks, and because he not only triple-tripled, but bingoed, he was one happy camper !

Since our kids are grown, it is safe to leave the game out on the coffee table for all to see, admire, and tempt for another game. When the youth pastor agreed to come home with our son a week ago for an impromptu supper, as I threw supper in the microwave, I asked Bob to make the bed, and scan the Scrabble board for naughty words.

I want to always remember how one time our son played the word, LINGERIE, and we did not even realize he could spell it, let along know what it means. We still laugh about that one.

QUIXOTRY gave me 252 points for that one play. I don't often play that much for a whole game. We have begun saving our score sheets, and have a years worth now. And although the weather was beautiful on Saturday, I think we played three games. And set a candle going in case we needed it during the storms yesterday as we played a few more.

Our Scrabble addiction has overflowed into other areas of our lives. When driving around, we amuse ourselves with word possibilities on Texas license plates.


Bob said...

You layed "SECTIONED" - I played "ELECTORS" in the next game. Thanks for playing with me. You're so patient with your obsessive-compulsive hubby.

Hula Doula said...

Now see, we play backgammon. Hubby still spells together...togather. He write a great code but can't spell worth a plated nickel.
It's great to see that you all can still play after all of these years together. Some day we will be able to leave a game of Monopoly out. I think on that day...I might be a little lonely for my little peeps.

joyce said...

Now how about blogging about:



and all your electrical technical words

Bob said...

Dear, "VAR" is a very common word. People use it all the time. It's not my fault that you ladies are a bit behind in your study of reactive power.

(Sorry about "WETTEN" - honest, I thought it was a word.)