Saturday, March 22, 2008

Warning: Grannie Gushing

Grandbabies are the best !!!

We only have one so far, but what fun ! It was so great to get to drive two days to get to see THE grandbaby and this new cute stage of fourteen months. She practiced walking and jabbering. We distinctly heard "gig'em" in a string of syllables.

And ah, the cutest expressions best seen in person that still camera shots just cannot catch: she closes her eyes and turns her head just like a little princess. Too cute. And she is so giving. She shares her food, her toys, and if she finds a dust bunny, she promptly turns around and gives it to you, too !

I think the stairs are off limits. A big no-no. But, she would giggle and slip away from her toys and crawl toward the forbidden for some stair climbing practice. GrandDad tried to show her how to descend safely, but she still likes to stand at the top and lunge into your arms as she is so trusting that you will catch her.

We had a grand time. It was THE BEST vacation.

I can't say I am impressed with Arkansas. Are those rice fields all flooded with the engine at the corner of the fields?? Tennessee did not seem that welcoming, either with nary a rest stop in the mountains nor a scenic overlook. I sure enjoyed the double showers at the Sleep Inns. And the pool and hot tub at the Country Suites.

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Bob said...

Why do you think they're called GRAND-children?