Saturday, March 1, 2008

Welcome to the World Ava

Yesterday, I got to hold a brand new baby girl. Her name is Ava. She is beautiful. She has this beautifully sculpted nose, (unlike my babies' pug noses) and she looks so peaceful and serene when she is sleeping. But, when a gas bubble dares to interrupt her dreams...storm clouds gather on her forehead. I had never seen anything like it. It was amazing. She is able to scrunch her little forehead into cumulus frownicus. But, the clouds pass quickly, and then all is serene again.

Woe unto our horrid health care system that makes a mom drive fifty miles from her home to the nearest doctor and hospital that accepts disabled veterans insurance.

Woe and curses on a hospital in Dallas that separates a new mom from her healthy baby in order to receive their extra funds in some bureaucratic nightmare.

Woe and curses heaped upon the head of a hospital and doctor who thinks more of getting their money than the bonding of a family.

I'd like to see some rich congresswoman who recently gave birth to go home without her new healthy baby girl, lactating and postpartum depression and screaming, three year old who did not understand why they did not get to take her new sister home from the hospital like all the adults in her life promised.

Let the world know that Renaissance Hospital at 2929 South Hampton Road in Dallas, Texas just defined the new meaning of CRUEL. I will bad mouth them to everyone I know. Sad, because they looked clean, and seemed friendly. But, what they did to Ava and her family is UNFORGIVABLE. They can not give Ava back that day of bonding with her family. They cannot take away the nightmares they caused to all concerned.

I am ashamed of how our veterans return having served honorably, and bearing permanent scars and pain, are treated. These men have a terrible time getting insurance coverage for their families. And when they try to work with the system, they are used and abused and lied to. Hospital policy my ***.

This is why we must elect a president that will honor our military. Send them on missions they can win with all the equipment and resources they need. And take care of their families back home. And when injured, provide medical care as good or better than the congressmen who send them into harms way.


Bob said...

But it is the best medical care the government can provide, my dear. So you think people should have better than the government's best? I couldn't agree more.

jennifer said...

Well Hello Joyce Lady! I have tried to link to your blog through the comments that you leave on Bob's site. I get your profile but no link to you. I asked Bob to tell you hello and he gave me one better; he gave me a link and said do it myself (now does that sound like something he would do?).

I agree with what you said and how you said it. I would be angry too. That poor family having to start out that way. You get em' Joyce, don't let anyone forget what they did!

I love the name AVA by the way. Quite lovely!


joyce said...

Welcome Jennifer ! And thanks for your kind comments. And I am so glad you are enjoying Bob's stories. He writes so well. And has so much fun writing. I hear him chuckling away. A few years ago, when he was writing the Christmas newsletter, I thought he was going to fall out of his chair.

Now I wish we could find a '54 Nash hood angel.