Thursday, March 13, 2008

Gotta Blog

Gotta Blog. Gotta Blog, Gotta Blog, Gotta Blog.

I am a mom. A stay-at-home mom. Except when I need groceries, and to mail a package. Then I venture out. I drive slowly. I notice the blooming trees. I drive carefully, trying not to tick off the rest of the population who are all obviously going to a fire. I watch out for those who mumble to themselves while driving, yakking on a cell phone.

I don't usually use the other post office, but it was on the way to the grocery store du jour. My package was all stamped and ready to go. I turned right on the street to the post office and glanced ahead to the drive of the post office and drive up boxes, and noticed a man in a dualie struggling to turn it around and exit the drive I was approaching. Those double-wide huge pick up trucks with two back wheels on each side, and a long, long frame---he needed a huge turning ratio. So, I slowed. I hung back and gave him a healthy, respectful distance. The driver was doing his best to back and quickly swing it around. I don't know if he just is not used to courtesy or what, but, (and I am still blown away by what he did next) HE BLEW ME A KISS !!!!!!!!

WoW. In this world where most folks will flip you their middle finger, or frown or sneer or shake their head at my pokey driving, this gentleman in baseball cap and so busy he had not been by the barber in a while---this gentleman BLEW ME A KISS !!! How awesome is that??!! How often does that happen in this day of gloom and doom, and strangers, and suspicious persons, and recession, and high gas prices, and chin hairs?? It made my day. Made my heart soar. I wanted to burst out crying. But, I dutifully waved, and pushed my package into the box, and drove on down the road to Tom Thumb, where the folks are friendly, and the checker seems to care that I found everything. And where I have somehow made some magic list so that I don't have to pull out my drivers license and give a blood sample.

He blew me a kiss. The kind I give my boys, and my husband as they drive away. The kind I give my nephews, and niece. His momma raised him right. Wow.

How often do my sons blow someone a kiss in traffic?? Not in sarcasm nor criticism of their driving, nor in flirting---but just to make someones day. Did I raise my sons right? To be thoughtful and kind to some old gray-haired lady who once drove a tractor on a farm, and knows to give big vehicles a wide berth.

Bless him, Lord. Thank you for that wonderful gesture that we need more of these days. I would not have been out and about if it had not been for my son wanting to feed his buddies for lunch today before they practice and drill at the park. I am so glad my son wants to invite his Army buddies home for lunch. These days are numbered. My son's orders read May 18th. Mother's Day this year means a college graduate, and newly commissioned Army second lieutenant, and much celebration with friends and family. But Mother's Day also brings this year an empty nest.


ShalomSeeker said...

Nice. Very nice!

Here's my recent driving story: Monday morning, unbeknownst to me, one of my funnier co-workers was behind me on my drive in to work. At one stoplight, I was the first car, and I was watching carefully for the green so I wouldn't hold up traffic. At the moment the light turned green, the joker behind me honks! Only I wouldn't figure out it was him and not some idiot for another 10 minutes. I did react with an arm gesture, but not that one! Just a WHAT!? move. I was pretty ticked until I figured out it was him and he was trying to be funny (or as he put it, he punked me). It did, however, get my prayer life rolling early on a Monday morning! :-) Such is life! :-)

jennifer said...

AW Joyce, that was sweet. I 've never had a gentleman or lady blow me a kiss. It is expected though, that if someone show you driving consideration, that you give them the Thank You Wave.

Empty Nest, yes, but new adventures too maybe?

Be blessed.


Hula Doula said...

How wonderful. I think I need to remember that for when I'm raging in the car.

Bob said...

"... and chin hairs." You can still make me laugh. Guys have such a different perspective. The day a boy realizes his chin hairs need trimmed is a cause of celebration.