Monday, March 3, 2008

What are the Odds?? (update on the violets story)

What are the odds?? To be thinking about a dear lady that gave me the violets for our yard, transplants from her yard, and then to have her call after years and years?? What are the odds? When she called, I was able to say, I was just thinking about you this morning---when I wrote about the violets. So good to get caught up on her news. Being 82 is no picnic, but she is aging with grace and good cheer. What a fantastic attitude even though she cannot see nor read.

Over seventeen years ago, to be given the gift of some purple violet plants and the love and encouragement to keep them wet and how they loved shade, not to worry. Even with the expansion of the front patio, and addition of the brick walk (curved, by the way--on purpose, much to the chagrin of our young sons at the time). I usually take pictures of the blooms to send to my grandpa to encourage him that spring is on the way. And before that--to grandma, but now they are both gone, and I remembered this year that I would not need to take a picture of them.

Thank you, Sue for the gift of those violets. And for your friendship down through the years. We'd lost touch for a few years when her granddaughter moved in with her, and then she sold her house. I am so glad she is doing well. And now that I know she lives close by---I can't wait to visit and give her a hug. Such friends give me real hope that we can age gracefully. And persevere to the end with a keen mind and a great mental attitude.

I don't think odds had anything to do with it at all---I think it was GOD all along. Thank you, Dear Heavenly Father, for these nudges and broad hints, that You are in control of history, and on Your Throne. And for how much You love us and care for us with these gifts of friendship. What a wonderful taste of heaven where we will all catch up on each others' news, eh?


Bob said...

Sue's such a sweet lady.

I remember the first time we met her. Her voice and personality are completely different, but I was really struck that she looked like my mom. As I say, she's nothing like my mom, but that first glance was a bit of a startle for me.

ShalomSeeker said...

I can't wait to catch up with everyone in heaven myself! Thanks for the reminder. :-)

The daffodils are blooming here...the same sign, I think.

Love you!

Barbara said...

It is not odds but God's provindence. Isn't GOD Good!


Bob said...

Still struggling with the concept of irony, I see.

joyce said...

I figure she got offended by the title or something and did not bother to read the last paragraph. Oh, well.

Barbara said...

Forgive me Joyce. When I initially read the blog I missed the last paragraph. It wasn't until after I sent the reply and reread it that I realized that you had come to the same conclusion.