Saturday, March 15, 2008

Going to see the Grandbaby !

Spring Break. Going to see the Grandbaby. Will be on the lookout for blog fodder along the way.

We have been listening to the space walk this evening as we pack and play one last game of Scrabble.

Younger sons made it okay on the first leg of their journey to Colorado to go skiing. The first time for them.

I think its funny when folks list their music on their websites. We don't have an i-poddy, but here are some CDs we will be feeding into the CD player onboard:

Saviour (with Wintley Phipps, Larnelle Harris)
Gladiator Sound Track
Prince of Egypt
David Phelps


Bob said...

And all of ABBA's hits (though somehow we never got around to listening to that one, did we?).

joyce said...

ah, because I love how on trips you are trapped in the car with me for good visits !!! Now my secret is out.