Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Badmouthing Ruth Chris To Everyone I Know

Ruth Chris oughta be Ruth Crisp

We were very excited to see a Ruth Chris steakhouse open downtown Fort Worth right across the street from my husband’s old building. We dropped in on them one day for lunch after they opened, but found out they are only open for supper. And they recommend getting a reservation. So, we took a card, and waited for a better time.

Even though we had a reservation, we were sent to wait in the bar, and it was very crowded, and by the time the one bar-waiter got to us, we were tired of waiting. The bar chairs were none too comfortable.

They tried shoveling us into a teeny booth, but I did not fit. I was amused to see that they usually shovel six people into this booth. The manager sensed my discomfort and gave us a table. I have never had a manager rub me on the shoulders like that. It was creepy. The light was better at the table. We could actually read the menu and were shocked to see that some items did not even have a price. Buffalo, for example, was open-ended as far as what it was going to cost. Buffalo are migratory creatures, so I guess, it depends on how far and wide they had to go to procure said buffalo.

We were provided with one sad French roll and a tiny bit of butter to keep us occupied until the food arrived. It bothered me and I realized later that we could have eaten at Carrabbas THREE times for what this ended up costing us. And the Carrabbas bread is heavenly, and they keep it coming, fresh and hot.

I ordered medium well, which promised some pink. Good thing I did not order well done. Our steak-loving son does not like broccoli so he chose the broiled tomato. I don’t think I have ever paid seven dollars for a broiled tomato. No bread crumbs, no cheese, no nothing. Just a broiled tomato. My grandpa, who was a farmer, would find high humor in the city slickers being so dumb.

Disappointed with Ruth Crisp? That would be an understatement. We have listened to Sean Hannity brag about them for YEARS on the radio. I realize this Ruth Chris had only been open a few weeks, but the service was agonizingly slow, the manager too touchy-feely, they ran out of cheesecake, and the prices way too high. Give me Carrabbas any day. And what is with this serving wine in a huge glass that they don’t even fill half-way? Precise measuring must be saving them some pennies somewhere, I guess. And they gouge the silly rich folks selling bottled water, too. Please.


jennifer said...

Something to say here too!

Thanks for the heads up. Time and Money are hard to come by around here and I would hate to waste either on a date night to that steakhouse.

totally unrelated but sort of related.... I don't enjoy eating Steak in restaurants anymore. My husband grills the BEST steaks and ribs I have ever eaten. I would rather stay home and eat what he cooks for me. I usually wind up eating a burger, or a specialty item when we go out - which is RARE!


Lisa said...


joyce said...

Dear Jennifer--thanks for the comments. I used to grill all the time. I burned my family out on it, and now that our son is about to leave home, we like spoiling him a lot. He likes Cracker Barrel steaks, which are reasonable priced.

And Lisa--yes, Carrabbas for spoiling me! Yum. Wish I could make their bread. And their sage bushes look so much more lush than mine.

buffi said...

My best friend has had similar things to say about Ruth Chris. When we are in the Metroplex - which is A LOT during soccer season - I like to hit Saltgrass for steaks and especially PF Chang. But Carrabbas is always reliably wonderful as well! Oh, and La Hacienda!

Can you tell that we don't have many good restaurants in Candyland?!

joyce said...

Thank you, Buffi---Saltgrass had the best tasting K-bobs last night. Even my husband said we'd be back. I had never been there before. Something about the name...