Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day 2008

We drove to the DFW National Cemetery. The weather this morning was beautiful, nice breeze, and went by Bob's aunt's grave. Aunt Mary actually served as a civilian in WW2 and that is where she met her future husband and they corresponded by what we now call snail mail for years. I have heard the story many times. It is not particularly pretty. Because Bob's uncle had to wait until the coast was clear. After D-day, he ran into the fellow who had been dating Mary, as they were moving a body out of a tank. But, if Uncle Bill had not married Mary, then Mary's sister, Clara would probably never had met Uncle Bill's brother, Joe, which means there never would have been the family I married into.

And Bob ordered a new washer and dryer online. They were delivered today. The money we saved for the free tax weekend about covered the delivery. My old washer was putting holes in our clothes and towels. And the dryer squeaked so badly that you could hear it from the street. I did not trust it, as the temperature thingy was going out, too, and it superheated the clothes. I was afraid it was going to burn down the house one of these days.

Talking to our sons in the military was the highlight of our day. And Bob installed a shelf to hold his laptop and the printer next to his rocker/recliner. And I forgot to mention that Bob mowed front yard and backyard today. The coastal dandelions were about done blooming.

President Bush's speech at Arlington National Cemetery was good today. His last one. And I played it again for Bob once C-span had it up again. Didn't quite catch all the NASA Mars press conference, but they are pretty pleased about their disk making it onto the surface of the planet. We watched the touchdown coverage last night online. Seems like they should have had polo shirts in the burnt orange color of Mars instead of blue.

And Bob beat me at Scrabble. Again. I was using fifteen letters/tiles, and he still beat me without bingo-ing. It was super hot and humid this afternoon, so we generated plenty of dirty laundry. And the new washer took all the tiny pills of Bob's new dress shirt. Yippeee!!!!!! This washer and dryer set are too fancy for my garage. Now we are gonna have to fix up the garage. Ha. I sat in the old, discarded recliner in the garage with the fan blowing on me, and the doors open, and just watched the washer and dryer run. Very relaxing. No screeching or squeaking bearings. No unbalanced loads. No noise. Bob was impressed with our Bosch dishwasher, so he wanted to stick with them. Our cars are from Japan, and our washer and dryer and dishwasher are from Germany. In fifty years, will we be buying computers and appliances from Iraq and Afghanistan?? What a country.


Bob said...

But dear, I did bingo: with EASTING (a cartographic term), which also added the S to CREW. It was worth 75 points.

You are so easily entertained. If only there were an All-Laundry-All-the-Time channel on TV...

Bob said...

Oh yeah, one clarification for those who might misunderstand: when you add an S to CREW you get CREWS (not that other word).