Tuesday, May 13, 2008


A tired, sad pink balloon hangs in the hall.

The toddler book that chirps sits all alone on the desk.

The sippy cups are clean, dry and stacked in the cupboard.

We so enjoyed our little sixteen month old granddaughter last weekend.

I want to remember her babbling. And her shoulder dance.

And I want to remember how she imitates us. When we were talking through the door to her Daddy as he packed, she, too babbled to the door. Too funny.

And what a trooper. The loud whistles, hoots, yelling and air horns at uncle's graduation did not scare her. She so got into the clapping. And while other babies howled during the abysmal speeches, she was entertained by the contents of my niece's purse and antics of animated cousins.

I want to remember a little girl falling asleep in my arms. A little girl with wispy hair and fingers entwined in her favorite pink crocheted blanket.

When this little girl's Daddy was graduating from high school, my sister's little blonde daughter toddled around. Now that very same girl is almost ten years old, and hauled around our granddaughter or my brother's youngest little boy.

Four generations attended. Twenty of us? Wall to wall relatives, and stories, and laughter. And amazing growth and changes at our last hurrah. Some I had not seen since our 99 year old grandpa's funeral last August. And I doubt we will all be together again until the next graduation and commissioning...next May and June and August !

I think I will leave the little handprint on the mirror and where she gave the baby in the mirror a kiss...


Bob said...

You know -- God loves me better than you. He give me you, but just look at the old geezer you got stuck with.

joyce said...

Ah, now, God gave me a handsome man, who is young at heart, and a fantastic lover, and brave enough to eat what I "cook" and I forgot to tell you about how the bank thought I was YOU in the drive through and did not argue about me signing your name and depositing the hail damage check. I really must get a new hairdo. I have been called sir twice this week! Ha.

ShalomSeeker said...

Ya'll know this is public?

Bob said...

I think I figured out what had you confused. By "God loves me better than you" I meant "God loves me better than [He loves] you" not "God love me better than you [love me]."