Thursday, May 15, 2008

Less Than Fifteen Hours

He is packing.

I have provided two self-addressed, stamped envelopes. And maps of route choices in case its cloudy. He does not think his graduation present gorman works if it is cloudy. Ha.

Laundry is done up. Folded even.

Quarters for toll roads.

Goodbyes said to Great Uncle Bill. Pictures given and war stories exchanged.

The closet empties of ACUs. And camelback. And combat boots.

I wonder if they let second lieutenants take multi-vitamins? They did not at LDAC.

Gotta learn to speak in acronyms now. Say it with me---sounds like L-dack.

My nephew goes to LDAC one this summer. James goes to LDAC two later this summer.

LDAC one is in the beautiful, cool state of Washington complete with majestic mountains.

LDAC two is held at Fort Sill. Whoops. James said its called BOLC (pronouned bullock).

Say it with me Grandmother: L-dack is near Seattle, at Fort Lewis where you need a sweatshirt in August. And bullock is at Fort Sill, where only something as thick as a sweatshirt will keep you from burning your boo-hiney on the bleachers.


Bob said...

Wrong! A bullock is what you lay on the brazen altar. El DAC is a Spanish language "digital/analog converter".

(Is there anything significant about James watching "Gone With the Wind" on his last day with us?)

buffi said...

Another thing about Ft. Sill is that it is only 45 min from my house. If he needs anything, I can be there in a flash. And am willing to! This also means that a homecooked Sunday dinner will be just 45 minutes from him. Tell him he can take advantage of that (even if it's not Sunday!)

I just signed my littlest guy up for kindergarten. I can't even fathom where you are!

jennifer said...

Love ya Joyce. It takes a brave man to sign up for service during war time. You did a great job raising your son.


ShalomSeeker said...

Great acronyms (and a pat on my back for pronouncing them correctly before you provided the tutorial), but what do thhey MEAN?

All those details, all the goodbyes. Enjoy that movie, then have a good cry. ;-)


joyce said...

Thanks, Shalom-seeker. We did. It is a wonderful movie, and the ending song made me cry. I needed to cry.

Bob says LDAC stands for Leader Development and Assessment Course.

BOLC stands for Basic Officer Leadership Course.

we cheated. we googled it.

James said...

Mom I did tell you what the acronyms stand for.