Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Big Day

The jacket is hung with its patches and bars
In hopes that St. Nicholas... no, wrong holiday.

We did cut it close, however with the removing of the rotc patches and the discovery of gooey glue melted to the fabric. The soon-to-be second lieutenant was able to exchange the jacket, get the black cording removed from the old and transferred to the new, and pick it up at the cleaners just in the nick of time after commissioning practice and before dinner-with-the relatives who had traveled from afar. Wisemen from the east...

Our last hurrah. For we have not a daughter, thus, even when our sons marry, the focus will be on their bride, and our role will be to smile and proclaim everything wonderful and marvelous in our eyes.

Today we get to pin the golden butter bars upon his shoulder. Today we, thankfully, have no speaking role. And as much as I have asked about it, he has not previewed the paragraph he will speak. And being the last of the fourteen or fifteen, last alphabetically, we get to wait. I hope I don't trip, and I hope I don't irritate my sons too much asking them to smile for the camera.

Moms of sons have it easy compared to moms of daughters. I'd better go pack the extra kleenex packets in my purse before I forget.


Bob said...

You call sending your sons off in time of war "easy"? (Well, yeah, I guess you have a point -- compared to raising girls...)

Hula Doula said...

It's ok Joyce. It's not easy any way you look at the picture. I would take a lifetime of a hormonal HG if I didn't have to send my son off to war.
We will keep him in our prayers. We will add him to the 24 other named soldiers that we pray for almost nightly.
You must be very proud. I can not imagine that it isn't a mixed bag of emotion.

joyce said...

Thank you, Hula Doula. Our prayer list grows and grows--now that I have served meals to these rotc buddies and gotten to know them. Two of them even hugged me in the receiving line. I made it a point to shake hands and remind them to call their mothers, and keep in contact. We saw three dads salute their new second lieutenants ! Retired or active NCOs. wow. And a few brothers on active duty.

ShalomSeeker said...

I have prayed so much for you and Uncle Bob...but mostly for you (sorry!). I cannot imagine... And yet you bravely do the unimaginable: let him go. I'm guessing your practice with DS#1 didn't make this one easier.

Thank you, and know that I'm praying...for all of you.