Friday, May 16, 2008

Our new second lieutenant is driving north. He called at 3pm from Howe, Texas. He left a message on our call notes saying he just had to call--and how it was not a very big town. He is having fun with a navigational device he received from his big brother and his wife for graduation. Thanks to having a big, spread out family, he should be at relatives' house before 10pm. He was concerned he would not be able got get an hotel room because of his age. So, he chose a route to his first fort by way of relatives.

Tonight, my dear husband is taking me to a movie--the new Narnia movie is out, Prince Caspian.


Bob said...

Good flick! Quite a stretch from the book, but a good adaptation. And Dear, thanks for bringing the chocolate almonds.

joyce said...

Didn't you like the HOT bread from Carrabbas next door to the theater??

I wish we had refilled the popcorn.