Sunday, May 18, 2008

Random Thoughts for a Sunday Morning

If the music person has us sing, "Fairest Lord Jesus" again this morning, I think I will scream. Better pray for God to give me self-control, and love and peace even though that is the song that makes Jesus look wimpy.

Bob had this housing cover break off and flop in the wind off the windshield wipers on the ten year old Plymouth van. It cost over two hundred dollars to replace. The new ones look nice and brand new and shiny, and Bob installed them himself saving us lots of money. The clear plastic was not the blades but the blades cover.

We saw the new Narnia movie, Prince Caspian again. I still teared up, but at a different place. I like to go back and enjoy the movie the second time. I was too tense and jumpy during the first showing. And I heard the music this time, and the crowd reaction. It has funny breaks in it. More noticeable the second time around. We like to support good, Christian movies. Lots of allegories in this one. Lots of food for thought. Susan has a huge role and I lost count of how many enemy soldiers she takes out with her bow and arrow. Wow. A Warrior Woman.

Our new second lieutenant left on Friday. We are into day two of him being gone, but have spoken with him on the phone a lot as he safely traversed Oklahoma, Missouri, and Ohio. The first pain was a gut blow, but I am embarrassed to admit it, as our son is fine, graduated, excited about the next phase in his life, and in his mind, had put up with us way too long. I am glad he was here for all four years of college. Our Firstborn enjoyed college away, and he called that his home after a while.

I love having the windows open to hear the birdies sing. We made it yesterday, but it is suppose to get up to ninety today, so we may need to turn on the AC.

Looking at attending a nephew's wedding in Georgia the end of May, and Bob said we'd only be eight hours from James. I wonder if James wants to see us that soon. Maybe he will need something from home, and that can be our excuse?

The Narnia song is stuck in my head, and my humming of it is driving Bob nuts already. People with perfect pitch find the rest of us painful.

The Mother's Day Flowers survived a whole week !!! Can't believe one week ago today we were headed to our new second lieutenant's graduation. What a week!

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ShalomSeeker said...

Can't wait to see that movie. I've planned on seeing it twice now and been unable to. :-(

Glad DS#2 is still surviving life on his own (not that anyone doubted!).

I *really* hope you guys can come to the wedding. It would be so great to see you! It's coming too soon, though! I feel crazy, and I don't have nearly the responsibilities that I did with my sisters' weddings! Poor Joel & Alegria! There is so much pressure in these last weeks before a wedding.

Gotta run! LU!