Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Story of the Jameses

Over twenty-two years ago, my sister, who was pregnant with her firstborn flew into DFW to visit us. I was due with my second baby three months ahead of her, and as we stood in the luggage claim area, I asked what names she had picked out. She said that if he is a boy, then they had picked out the name, "James" and I told that we had picked out the name, James, too. She suggested that we pick out another name, because they had gotten permission. The name, James, is actually a last name on my mother's side of the family. We had decided to pair my mother's maiden name with Bob's mother's maiden name as they sounded good together. I guess my sister had called all known living relatives in Illinois with the last name, James, and gotten permission. I never asked her how she got permission. Probably just from Grandma and Grandpa James. Since my sister and her family live in another state, the odds of both Jameses being together would be a once or twice-a-year affair, so we have called the cousins by their first with middle names whenever we are together, or referring to the other in front of grandparents who might wonder which James we are referring to. Now the cousins are all grown up into men. One a senior in college, and one recently commissioned into the Army. Next year, the other James will commission, too. So, next year, it will be my sister's turn to pin gold bars onto her James' shoulders. Thanks to my folks, we have CDs of the Jameses as babies and as toddlers. Two little blonde guys playing with cars and trucks and miniature tractors. I wonder if their paths will cross in their careers. It has been fun watching them grow into two very smart, handsome men. (and note to James G---you'll be glad to know we finally went shopping and replaced that old recliner. Come visit again, and try them out--we bought two !!!)


SuperGurl said...

and they are both super handsome too!

Bob said...

That reminds me of the "Just James" story. (I wonder if I've blogged about that already.)