Saturday, February 13, 2010

"I'm Going To Be A Big Sister, Grannie !"




Is this Abby??


Did you have a good day at school?


_____ ______ ______ _____ _____ ____ ____ , Grannie !


___ _______ __ _______ __ ______ _____ , Gran--neeee !

Wow. I wish I could understand you. Maybe Daddy can help?

(Andy:) Listen for the second word.

___ ________ __ __ _ ____ ________ , Grannie !

Whatever it is you are saying, it sounds good.

(Andy:) we will call back in a few minutes.

Andy called back. I put it on speaker phone, as James and Amber were here, and thataway, GrandDad could hear it, too.

"I'm going to be a big sister, Grannie !!!" was what she was trying to say.

(Grannie needs the gift of toddler interpretation. I could only understand the word, "Grannie.")

Bob has two nieces due this year---one in June, and one in October, so there will now be two baby Williamsons due in October. October 12th is the triplet's birthday, so it should be easy to remember! They need a birthday buddy.

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