Saturday, February 27, 2010


We took the plymouth in for an oil change and diagnosis on the "check engine light".

We took the stack to Best Buy, but our warranty means sending it in for a week. no thanks. we can just blow a fan on it. Bob was not impressed with the computer geeks at Best Buy. He did not think they knew a capasitor from a hole in the wall.

We also went by Home Depo. Got the bulb for the oven. But, our roast is still we cannot quite put it in right now. The roast was tasty for lunch, but I'd like to see it fall-apart done. Makes the house smell good. And we looked at insulation. The only have the non-itchy blow in kind. And not a great selection of stove tops.

But, at least we are addressing things on the honey dew list. It is a start.

Bob is mowing. Well, buy more gas for the mower... the grass had quite a layer of frost on it this morning, so in my opinion, it is too wet to mow. But, what do I know? And with rain predicted next weekend---thanks to el nino, we are in for a wet, wet spring.

Salad for supper with cornbread muffins and roast beast...

It is a beautiful day here in Texas. Clear skies. Signs of spring. I saw a flowering red bud tree yesterday evening. And those red bushes that are one of the first to bud. And another robin.

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