Thursday, February 11, 2010

Winter Wonderland

We awoke to two inches of snow on the ground!! Wow

This is unusual, but not unheard of. I remember a few Valentine's Day snowfalls, and one on St. Patrick's Day. Bob made a huge snowman soldier one year, so it kinda stands out in my mind.

But, the WBAP weatherman is saying we could get between four and six inches. I wonder if that is near or breaking a record? It is suppose to snow all day. And when the temps fall below thirty tonight, all this mess is gonna freeze and make traveling treacherous tomorrow morning. Things will be fine by Saturday, and the memorial service for Bob's uncle, but getting here will be dicey for relatives dependent on the airlines from the east and west coasts.

Our grass is super green underneath...thanks to my husband spreading rye seed and then fertilizer. The bushes and trees are starting to lean under the weight of the wet snow.

Days ago, they warned this storm was coming, but they could not tell if we would receive the brunt or if it would stay to the north or south of us. Looks like it hit us head on.

I can't believe the local school district decided to have school today. I feel so sorry for the teachers.

Amazingly, the birds don't seem to mind flying in the heavily falling snow. I wish I had refilled the feeder with the bag of new seed yesterday. Oh, well.

This is more snow than we received at Christmas and New Years, and snow then is unusual.

We sure enjoyed a phone call from the granddaughter last night. I am so glad they are enjoying Anchorage. We asked her if she likes snow, and she said, "yes". Too cute. They have a new puppy, so we hear a lot of "no, get down" in the background.

Here I was yesterday looking at the time lapse videos of the snow on the east coast...and we have our own snow scape out our windows!


And Ben checked in. He was enjoying a day off seeing as how they cannot get on roofs in this snowy weather. It is now 10:30am, and still snowing. steadily.


Mrs. JP said...

We've been enjoying more snow than usual too.
Isn't it fun to talk to your grandbaby and hear your child in the back being the parent? How life changes huh?
I'll be seeing my grandbabes this weekend. Squealll1!!!

Bag Blog said...

It is a winter wonderland here too. Although it is beautiful, I am not thrilled.