Friday, February 12, 2010

I'm back up...but earlier I wrote:

no internet. no phone. I still have a cell phone. $29 on my Virgin cheapy cell phone that I usually leave turned off, as it does not hold a charge.
I am thankful for heat. I am thankful for electricity as most of my neighbors are out. Last night we watched the blue fireworks show as the power lines rubbing snow laden tree limbs arced. And while brushing off the car, I could hear the hummm of the transformers trying to reconnect as chunks of snow fell on my head and on the car with a blop. The roof is dripping, and the snow is falling off the branches raining snow down below in clumps and sprays of snow.
The snow is so bright. Last night we marveled at how you could read by the light of the snow. Bob is convinced it is the city lights reflecting off the snow. But, I think it would be bright enough to read without the lights reflecting off the clouds. So, on a clear night, with no city lights, does the snow illuminate the landscape enough to ready by??
Sallycat is disturbed by the sound of clumps hitting the roof, house, and car. I guess, to a cat, it is like being bombed with snow from above. She is disturbed by the vacuum cleaner, and broiler fan, too.

I have given myself the challenge of what the sermon on the Road to Emmaus looked like. Luke 24. Jesus did not record it maybe because HE wants us to dig it out ourselves. What OT passages talk about Jesus's first advent, resurrection, and in a three hour walk?? Jesus hints that He started with Moses, and all the prophets, and the Psalms...ready? set? Go!

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Mrs. JP said...

First of all, isn't heat and hot water great? I become so thankful for them after not having for just a little while.
Second, the road to Emmaus sermon. I've always felt so bad for those disciples who had to have that sinking feeling when he blessed the meal and was gone. I think they probably had some "if only I'd known sooner" moments for sure.