Friday, February 12, 2010

Historic Snow

It started snowing before midnight, and continued all day yesterday, and only quit a few hours ago. We got a record twelve and a half inches. Since it broke the record, and since even the twelve point one was thirty years ago, they are calling this an historic snowstorm.

Bob knocked a lot of the snow off the cars and shoveled the drive last night before we went to bed, and the temperatures stayed right at freezing. Then he cleaned the walk and drive one more time this morning, and sprinkled ice cream salt (rock). Walmart hides rock salt in the spice/flour/sugar aisle and calls it ice cream salt.

Most of the neighborhood looks dark, and the sky lights up with the strange blue of transformers blowing and power lines arcing as heavy snow laden tree branches rub against them.

Ben called last night and asked Dad/Bob questions about the arcing he was witnessing all over town. Over 175,000 are without power, according to the radio. has the blue arcing I was describing--found it on Drudge!


Bob said...

We now show 240,000 customers out.

Rita said...

I got a text from my very dear friend who left Indiana a couple years ago and moved to Plano. They were expecting 8 inches of snow. She misses Indiana quite a bit, but not the snow I'm sure.