Thursday, February 18, 2010

An Email to my dear husband...

Living dangerously today, aren't you??? Your cell phone rang. I thought it might be you wondering where it was, so I answered. But, it was xxxxx xxxxx saying top up or lose it. So, I tried. but, I could not remember my vin number fast enough, so it rolled over to a real person after five minutes. by then, I had the vin number off all our vehicles at the ready. I went ahead and topped up. and marked the calender in May when we gotta do this again. I chided them to be more old people friendly, 'cause we gots money too, and we don't likes the rap music. ha I think she helped me top up just to get rid of me. she asked me the phone number of the phone! I don't know that. what a silly question. why would I call myself? And where was their company, by the way?? New Jersey, she said. Wow. we do not buy hot sauce from New Jersey, so I don't know why we are letting them gouge us for "minutes". Our credit card is about to expire, so she said we'd have to call back with the new number next time, but I asked how exactly could we then talk to a real person again?? Ususally, it is press one if your are an idiot, press 2 if you want to hear you are an idiot in Spanish. She laughed and said they don't have the feature of being about to talk to a real person in the "menu" at this time. Then, after I got off the phone, it hit me---I just talked to a "real" person by staying on the line 'cause I did not know our vin number. Come next May, I will be slow to find it again, I'm thinking. I may not have gone to college---but I am learning how to deal with these phone company people. During one of the ads---they suggested we throw away our land lines and just go with them for $50 a month! Yikes. We are paying that with our land line folks, and we get internet access. They must think we are really stupid.

Well, at least I have accomplished something today without even having to leave the house!! We now have $46 each on each phone. Lovely. How are we gonna use up $92 in "minutes" before May 18th?? I'd call you right now, but I have both cell phones. Yours is done charging, however. Love, your silly wife

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