Friday, February 26, 2010

Modem died, but we are back up with a brand new one!

Diary of an internetless woman:
25th of February. Two months since Christmas? Thursday that feels like a Friday
No internet this morning for some reason. Modum is blank. No little green lights. Clear skies, so it is not because of the weather. Unless cold knocked it out. Thankfully, we do have phone service.
Bob has jury duty in town today. Usually, jury duty involves travelling downtown Fort Worth, finding a place to park...paying more for parking than they reimburse you, unless you ride the train. And some show up first day downtown Fort Worth, but get sent to strange places where you need your car.
Listening to the radio. Looking out on our green, green back yard. Made Folgers this morning. They have a new "dark silk" flavor.
Aren't we boring?
Tech support says it is the modem. They want me to stand on my head, disconnect the power, plug the modem into an outlet so they can "reset" it. Sure.

So, Bob came back from his adventures in jury duty. He was not needed, but was given a certificate exempting him for two years. He unplugged the modem, and talked to tech support and ordered a new modem. Delivery guaranteed by Monday, March 1st. So, no internet. No facebook. No blog reading. No email. Oh, well. Cords all over the place. Dusty, dusty cords.
At least we can still watch TV. And listen to the radio. And talk on the phone.
9:30am. Bob is driving downtown to work with his certificate. His laptop quit working. He has the two old laptops pulled out and piled up under the shelf by his chair.
Why does this feel like Friday?? We had church last night, Wednesday night Bible study. More later.
noon: still marveling over the verses our pastor covered last night. I Peter 4:12- and into chapter 5
so many snippets of verses I know, but to see them again in contest. Words jump out at me, like "fiery trials" and how does one "obey the Gospel"? He compared it to the various trials where we are to consider it all joy...and be not the troublesome meddler...
I called my friend, recently widowed, and it is so easy to talk for an hour. The poor woman is never alone, as who keeps a sick child? Grandma. That is who. And who picks up other Grandma's grandchildren when they are out of town? That is right. Grandma. Yikes. Please give my dear friend the spine to say no. And take a day off from carting and keeping other people's children. She loves to clean, and needs to do her taxes, and oh, my---there is the whole grieving thing. Can everyone back off and give her a year to cry? We are entering that critical six weeks after time when friends peel off, and people want to move on, but hey, I think my friend would love a day all to herself.
I'm off. Off to run errands. Still on the hunt for some black slacks. Drooled over some white ones by White Stag at Walmart yesterday, but not in my size. Walmart used to care about us fatties, and stock the good knit slacks by White Stag.
5pm---Bob is bringing home tamales! whew! Since he has the car, he thought about swinging by Luna's. What fun!
I did find more Balneol at Walmart, and ate chicken for lunch at Chick-fil-A ! The traffic over there is so heavy around the new stadium. Yikes.
Cold rain predicted for tomorrow, but the snow and sleet should stay up around the Red River. The temps were in the fifties today, but cold wind made it feel much colder, even though the wind was from the south. I am convinced that the air was cooled by the melting snow to the south of us.
We will probably watch some Olympics tonight. I feel kinda cut off from the world---no Brietbart TV today nor facebook news on our extended family. But, I survived.
I called Bob's sister, Barbara in Albuquerque to put a note on our facebook, that our modem died. And called James, too.
9:30pm went to bed. Bob was starting to snore through the Olympics. I hate how they were letting us watch one skater, then the even more dangerous events on skis. The women were skating in less than bathing suits. I don't get that, either.
Friday, February 26th
Since we went to bed so early, Bob got up early and ran. No rain yet. No possom in the trap.
Good thing I held onto one phone book. Kinda needed it to call AT&T about the modem. They were able to diagnose over the line. We are getting so spoiled being online 24/7 that a phone book seems archaic. And living in the metroplex, we were burdened with phone books from Dallas and Fort Worth, too. Takes up a lot of closet shelf space. It has been a while since I perused the phone book. There are color-coded sections for restaurants, dentists, doctors, coupons. A handy spot to check restaurant hours, but why oh, why would you name your restaurant, "Riscky's"?? Is your meat safe? Why make us wonder?
The word, restaurant, is a difficult one for me to spell correctly. I need to practice spelling it, because I somehow learned it wrong. restaurant. ants are not a good thing at a restaurant, but the aunt word is not in there. restaurant. restaurant. restaurant. restaurant. restaurant. restaurant. restaurant.
Can't wait for the Tuesday primaries here in Texas. Maybe then the flood of junk mail fliers, robo phone calls, and tv and radio ads will stop for a while. There just seems like no break between elections. And our never-ending champagning president....yuck. Our trash can is overflowing with the expensive, shiny fliers that tell us absolutely nothing about the candidate. What a waste.
Time to do some laundry. And two tamales for breakfast would have been enough. And this is my last Izze. I think an Izze helps you digest tamales just as good as a beer does. IMHO. LOL
10:30am bathed, shaved my mustache, trimmed my bangs, and I am watching the doves fight over the birdfeeder, peer into the window at me, and line the power cables. One dove has a feather out of place on top of his head.
Our outlets are beginning to look like the outlets in the movie, Christmas Story. Yikes. Every electronic device needs a plug. When I see those glade air freshener ads on tv, I wonder where does that lady plug them in???
4:30pm Bob called. Train? yes. Home.
UPS just delivered our modem, I bet. I have not opened it. TV quit working. I fell asleep in the chair. Dreamed vivid dreams.

9pm---we are back up and running! Had supper with Ben. Our Friday night catfish special at Cracker Barrel. New waiter kept getting the order wrong, but that just gave us more time with Ben! Too funny. Thank you, Bob for getting us back up.


saw a cutie on Michelle's FB page: Even the Calendar says WTF after Monday and Tuesday. (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday) Does SS mean anything in LOL talk?

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