Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cooling Off

I worked on the kitchen floor again. Found this cement cleaner at Walmart that helps get up the goop, but is not as toxic...still, I opened the windows just in case. I wanted to get under the sink clean. To the guys, why bother, as no one sees under there...until there is a problem, and then you have extra dangerous mess. The wood under the sink rotted away years ago, and so it is bare cement, just like my kitchen floor. I removed the wooden board I always stub my toe on as it was nasty dirty and hard to clean around. I will ask Bob tonight if it is necessary for structure for the cupboard doors and walls of the cupboards. There is this nice space between the kickplates and the cupboards that feels like it goes back all the way to the front wall of the house. I never knew it was there. A dozen mice could hide in there and I'd never know it.

Getting down on all fours is sure hard on the knees. And I used an old chizzle to chip away at some hidden black tar. And the hammer to loosen the board---once yellow, now stained with the chemicals Ben used on the floor.

I want the floor clean enough for toddlers to eat off of---for soon we will have them visiting, and it has to be safe. If a ball or banana rolls back under the cuboard, it must be clean enough for little guys.

Super cold air is moving into our portion of the country today. At 3am, I heard the radio weathermen say it was 55 degrees. I think it is below freezing here now because ice shards are forming on the outside trash can. I won't drive anywhere unless the streets dry. Why risk it. There is a trip to Fort Sill in our future tomorrow, as baby James has a date with the doctor. Fun. Fun. The weather is suppose to warm up tomorrow, so we should be good driving.

Baby James must like it where he is. Nice and warm and hugged. What a miracle to go from a water world to breathing on his own. Tomorrow he will breathe air and feel cold. Poor baby to be born when it is so cold. All my babies were born when it was hot. Bob's birthday is the 26th. And Hannah's on the 28th.

Baby James: you are so loved already. The fourteenth grandchild on your Momma's side. The third on your Daddy's side. Cousins and aunties and uncles...oh, my !

Your story will begin: Your Daddy was on his first deployment to Afghanistan and came home on R&R just to see your Momma and be there when you were born....

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