Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Taking a Break

Cooling down.

Windows open.

I just mopped the new cement kitchen floor. Ben had removed the old linoleum tiles and asbestos and then used keroscene to pull up the black tar. Now I have this smooth cement floor. It is soft, smooth, and feels good to my bare feet.

Why do I like these simple floors?? I noticed that every grocery store I shop at has a simple cement floor. Yes, theirs are sealed and buffed. I like their character. And a dose of vinegar whitens it up. And hopefully cleans it of some toxic chemicals...but I may be making more.

When wet, it looks like a mirror...or a street in the rain...as if there is another alternate world below my feet.

I think the frig is leaking. Bob and Ben insist it is the pan under the frig. But, every time I move it, there is a puddle.

Poor Ben tore up his knuckles using the heavy duty chemicals guys at Home Depot talked him into removing the tar with. Yikes. He worked so hard. And even grouting and sealing the grout---the guys got so sweaty. My comments of wanting caulk here and there instead of quarter round was not appreciated.

But, the tiles look great. So fancy!!! We are still having electrical issues with the plug, so that is a mystery that only re-wiring will solve. Should have re-wired before tiling, but, oh, well. My guys are imaginative. I would suggest re-wiring and hiding the outlets on the bottom of the cupboards, but I will problably be laughed at, or told I won't like it. Thataway the wires can be hidden in the cupboards. Just an idea. Just a thought. Sounds easier to me.

Time to mop up the vinegar. I want the floor safe for little bitties.

The back of my stove top used to be ugly, and now it is fancy. I will try to post pictures.

whew---only one uploaded upside down. maybe Bob can fix it for me later.

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