Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday before the storm

We have been enjoying balmy days of spring like weather. Tomorrow, winter returns, and it may not get above freezing on Wednesday. The weatherman is using words like sleet and snow and bitter cold. Things should warm up by the weekend (Super Bowl in town).

Yesterday, after church, and lunch, Bob and Ben finished the two lights that fit up in the ceiling. Bob had to spackle and patch one of the holes, but light bulbs illuminate my kitchen! The blue masking tape even gives the ceiling a blue light special. fun!

I have been glued to the internet news on Egypt this weekend, trying to wrap my brain around what is happening. Mark Davis interviewed a Coptic Christian from Egypt on the radio which was very informative. When you are born in Egypt, they label your birth certificate/ID card as Coptic Christian or Muslim. And the Copts have no rights. This guy said they are descendants of the apostles who evangelized Egypt in 38 AD...way before the Muslims were even invented. Lately, after a rousing Friday sermon at the mosques, the Coptic Christians have been targeted, many murdered.

But, the radical Islamic groups would love to take advantage of the uprising. So there is real danger there. We also have 50,000 Americans in Egypt. I follow an Army wife who blogs and facebooks from there. Her husband works at the embassy. I have not heard from her in almost a week now, as the internet was cut.

Off to the store. I am out of bread and veggies.

It sure was fun to watch Ben at work all weekend. He gets so focused, it is hard to get him to stop to eat and drink something cold like a glass of water. It was super hot up in the attic. And full of itchy insulation that Ben blew into last year for us. So, after each trip, Ben came down with insulation clinging to his clothes and hair.

There is lots of patching and painting to do, but Bob wants to tackle that. Ben says he will come back next weekend to install the old light from the kitchen in the garage over the washer and dryer for me. Sometimes, I have to open the back door to shine enough light on the washer and dryer. We used to have one up there, but Bob took it down. Ben loves all things electrical, so he wants to install it up there for me. yay.

I finally got Bob's hair cut in the back yard yesterday afternoon. There was a north wind, so we sat on the south side of the house to get 'er done. It had been three weeks, so Bob was looking shaggy.

I am so thankful for more pictures of the newest Williamson on facebook! yay!

And a picture of the newest Anchorage Williamson under his new blanket---I printed out that picture to send to my friend who made the warm quilt for the little guy.

This is the last day of Jan-Jew-Airy. We love the way our granddaughter pronounces it. Next year, she will have forgotten, maybe. I don't want to forget. We now have three Williamsons with Jan-Jew-Airy birthdays: Abby, and Baby James and GrandDAD!

More later.

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