Saturday, January 29, 2011

Male Bonding: Electrical

Yesterday, Ben called. He seemed unsure as to whether he'd be coming home this weekend. I told him that the electrical stuff could wait. I don't mind a bright orange extension cord snaking through the living room into the spare room.

But, unbeknownst to me, Ben called his dad, and they discussed the solution to the electrical issues in the kitchen. Best to get 'er done while climbing in the attic while the climate is condusive to climbing in the attic.

So, this morning, there has been much drilling, measuring, unscrewing of electrical boxes, use of gadgets that light up, and they are now off to the hardware store. I think this is how men bond. Father and son. And since Bob is an electrical engineer, and Ben is studying to be an electrician, they use a whole new vocabulary. I am so thankful God has given them this to bond.

Bob was also trying to separate the receipts for taxes, so whenever Bob made some comment about my filing skills or lack there of, there was a snort from the kitchen. Maybe he needs to see us not being the perfect couple. But, at this rate, Bob is getting yogurt for supper this week if he keeps it up. And rice crispie treats.

Overlapping receipts are confusing. I just paid the taxes, property taxes, on the house, but they are last years' taxes. They don't count on this year's because I paid it mid-January. Where to file it so Bob will have some hope of finding it??!!

We do not itemize, but save receipts none the less just in case we are ever audited, and need to prove where it all went.

The windows are open. It is a beautiful day. The pollen is making us sneeze. I need to give Bob a haircut.

We are enjoying a few days of spring like weather. Winter returns on Tuesday.

Poor Ben is having to part the seas of blown in pink insulation he put up there in the attic last year. Itchy city.

Our frig is the culprit. It needs its own circuit. Our frig trips the fancy GFIC or is it GFCI outlets. And Ben found the leak on the frig. A once-every-thirty-seconds drip where the copper meets the plastic hose. (a hose that I thought was capped off--to the old, broken icemaker)

ah-sink-run-us motor. squirrel cage.

The guys are back. The blinking appliances give away where they have been working.

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joyce said...

oh, dear. 9pm, and they just finished for today. The rather large hole in the kitchen ceiling was just asking for recessed lighting...and the switch on the wall for the kitchen was always hard for me to reach....

tracing wires, figuring out what went where...

the job that Ben thought would take until noon stretched to 9pm. Ben hates to even stop to eat.

oh, my. I am bleary, and all I did was vacuum and think of more jobs. Bob and Ben worked so hard. Wow.