Friday, January 28, 2011

Spring Time in Texas not Germany...

Yesterday and today and tomorrow are the kind of days that we all exult living in Texas. Temps in the seventies, windows open, dandelions blooming. And the purple hen bit it blooming. Heavenly. Cool mornings. Full sunshine. ah. I just want to sit in the sun like a mud turtle.

Yesterday I also felt the need to shoot my self in the foot metaphorically speaking. While I was flattered that my dear middle son would call me about the newborn crying and keeping his Momma up all night, I did not think it was the right thing to do as his in-laws are there. I want him to be sensitive to their feelings. And they have so many more children and grandchildren and experience. While I'd love to hear from him, tapping into the wisdom of the newer moms is better.

I emailed my firstborn's dear wife, and found out that the arching back thing is often a sign of acid reflux. I think we called it collic. Or, maybe collic is different. There is medication for that. But, keeping the newborn propped up in his car seat or swing for thirty minutes might also do the trick. Just make sure they do not flop forward. And Lauren remembers her babies keeping her up all night when newborns. Going from the womb to breathing on their own and being outside, they somehow have their days and nights mixed up. And she told me how David fought the wrapping for a few nights, but enjoys it ever since, and she still papoose wraps him at night. otherwise he flips to his tummy already. wow.

Lauren also told me about something I had never heard of: tracheal manascia or the softening of the vocal chords where they sound like they are whoop-wheezing. She said it took a few visits to the doctor to get it diagnosed. It is not hiccups. Her little David is the best baby, and when we skype, you'd never know he has had any problems. And four year old Abby was literally jumping up and down last night. So much energy! And it was infectious--our son started jumping, too, and we noticed a thinning on top of his head. He blames parenthood, but I think you get baldness from your momma's genes. Sorry babe.

I just want to remember these fun times. The good and the bad. While I ach to hold Baby David, and Baby James...there are times when the mommas are sick and tired of all the advise and interference and just want people to go away. I'd love to hold Abby, too, but first I'd have to chase her down. And she has more energy than all of us put together. Her being held time is quickly dissappearing. wow.

I hope Abby likes the something pink we snuck into the blanket my friend Suzanne quilted for Baby David. And the pictures. I love sending Abby mail. Little kids ususally do not get much mail.

I wonder if James and Amber got the pictures I snail mailed them?? I am not gonna call and interupt someones nap. New parents need their rest.

We are out of bread. So, to the store I go.

I love having the windows open, because I can hear the doves, and the other song birds. Is it the amorous time of year for cats? I noticed that the pride at the end of the street seem to be in those strange mating lurking--and ever once in a while you hear them snarling.

Cold weather is due to revisit next Tuesday.

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