Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Why does my youngest son want to color his hair??

Ben went to work right out of high school. I don't think they worried about hair color at the movie theater, but Pizza Hut had some standards. And then working on roofs installing solar panels and photovotaic was still kinda edgy, artsy---so his long, long locks of sun bleached golden brown got him so many compliments from the ladies that he let it grow and grow.

Now back in college, he has decided to play with the color. He has been black, maroon, red, and now pink-orange.

Thank heavens for facebook, because he had posted the newest "do" Saturday night, and since he gets himself up for church, when he came in and sat down, I was ready having seen the newest hue on facebook. Whew. It was funny watching people's reaction as he walked in---and then as different ones who know Ben noticed. The music director piano player was visibly shaken. I thought she was going to faint.

I have seen this color on punk rockers with drug problems. But, Ben is a good kid. He studies hard. He works hard. He loves to fix and remodel and install stuff. Bob and Ben have been installing tiny glass tiles in our kitchen. What started as a need to cover some ugliness behind the stovetop wrapped around the walls under the cupboards, and over the sink, and along the wall by the trash can. It looks great.

And Ben worked so hard to suprise us when we were staying with Amber after Christmas to build me stands for my front loaders, and remove the old linoleum asbestos tiles from the kitchen floor. When we were gone for a few days to Austin to see the granddaughter a few months ago, Ben completely painted the kitchen and living room.

I have never seen such a hard worker.

Do we not give him enough attention?

Why mutilate himself with wild hair colors?? I would not think it safe for him to be out and about as some may hit on him. When I voiced these concerns, Ben said he has no worries in that department.

Someday, he won't have much hair---like his Dad, and uncles, and grandpa. So, maybe he is enjoying it while it lasts. He was always drawn to the misfit pink haired girls in high school in the drama department.

If I had a daughter, I'd chalk it up to oh, well, I did it, too.

What did I do when Ben sat down next to us in church?? Kissed him on the head, like I always do, and asked why it was not purple, as he had talked about trying purple. He said they were out. TCU fans had scarfed it all up, I guess.

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