Monday, January 10, 2011

Menopause alert: read at your own risk

Blogging has become a very convenient online journaling venue for me. I blog for me. If it helps someone else, then, good. But, I gotta dump somewhere. And I know how to type.

What did women do one hundred years ago?? one thousand?? Especially where water is scarce? I am experiencing a flood of major proportions. It is gross. I am on my third pair of pants and sitting on a towel. I am constantly doing laundry. The washer has a cold water soak cycle which is so handy to just throw bloody, stained clothes in and when a I get a full load---wash it. I am blessed to have a working washer and dryer.

What in the world did women do down the centuries?? I thought my period was ending. I went all of November and December. I had been skipping every other month for a year. I thought things were just slowing down in hop and skip, jerky method. But, this is ridiculous.

Thankfully, the pad people made a new extra long pad that comes in a purple pouch. So convenient, but getting over allergies or a cold, I have a cough, so when I cough, I pee. Incontinent. Hence the towel. Hence the fear anywhere I sit.

I think I am so ready for menopause. I think I am so ready for the end. Ceasation of the monthly curse. the monthly cycle. There are times (few day before, usually) when I cannot get warm. Most of the time I am hot. sweating. warm.

And I realize that hormonally, I cannot trust my thoughts, so I am in constant prayer---please, Lord, Your will. Your thoughts. I don't trust my own. Am I being picky, moody, unreasonable because of you know what? or am I just a bitch? a sinner in need of a minute by minute repentance and close walk.

Maybe if men did this, they would invent walk through showers with pressure sprayers crotch level. Maybe if men menstrated toilets/toliets would come with bidets.

Maybe ladies who live near the ocean go for a daily swim...but how do they keep the sharks at bay? We all need a private river. A private planet with special plumbing.

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