Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Adventures in Scrabble

UNHALTERING is a word. "Where is your grandpa?" "Oh, he is in the barn unhaltering the pony."

Great way to begin a Scrabble game as it reached the triple from the middle ! To keep my mind engaged, my dear husband lets me have more tiles. He bingoes away each game with his seven, so don't feel sorry for him. And if I find a word in the Scrabble dictionary, its fair game. And if in a hurry to check out a big word, I find it on the internet in multiple articles, I can usually get away with it.

I am constantly amazed how that every time we play, it is an almost completely different board. Soon, we may join the ranks of taking pictures of our "art" and recording for posterity (history sitting down?) our amazing boards. (almost an oxymoron)


Bob said...

Let's face it dear -- if we think Scrabble boards amazing, then it just proves that we're amazingly boring.

Bob said...

Oh, now I remember!

Building lives on the word of God -- AWANA stands ... Our Savior following, grandpa unhaltering and love unaltering, His praise we sing! ...