Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I finally saw James dance. He has taken almost every dance class UTA offers. He started with western. Boot scooting. Then western and eastern swing. Foxtrot. Tango. For four years, he has gone to dance class and dance studio on Friday nights and some Monday nights. He is smart. The guy to gal ratio is maybe one guy for three gals.

Today was the combination class to show their work. James’ intermediate group today did an ensemble dance where the guys wore black pants, black shirts, ties. They turned, they twirled, they flung their dance partner into the arms of the next in the circle. I could not decide whether the footwork was more interesting than the arm and elbow movement.

James puts on a serious Mr. Cool face when dancing. He told me after that some of the girls complained that he smiled too much. And in the world of dance, the guy aggressively moves in and asks the girl to dance. And after the dance, escorts her safely back to the side on his arm. None refused him. James danced every dance except for the solos of ballet and jazz.

It’s a workout, but for a guy in great shape, like James, he sweats, but is not out of breath. I have been amazed at his tenaciousness, consistent attendance to something he obviously loves. He knows all the words to the songs. And on his ipod is the widest variety of music. I am so glad we have been here to see him grow up. When he meets that special woman to share his life, he is gonna be SO ready to dance at his wedding! And at those father-daughter balls, he will outshine all the other dads.


Bob said...

Fred Astaire and Gene Kelley rolled into one, that boy is.

ShalomSeeker said...

Between the dancing, the uniform, and that charming smile, I don't think you'll be waiting long for him to meet that special someone! :-) He really is a special guy.

You know, my parent's didn't really care, but in the environment in which we grew up, dancing was taboo. And I ALWAYS wanted to dance, or do drill team, or something like that. Instead, I grew up to be some chick with limited rhythm insticts! LOL! I did take a community line dancing class a few years back and really enjoyed it; I wasn't completely awful, either! Maybe someday soon I'll take a real dance class...

jennifer said...

Joyce, that is the best post. I am so glad that you are enthusiastic about his interest in dance. I have loved dance all of my life but have no real talent. It sounds like he does!

My son has so much natural talent. He'll execute a little pencil turn and not even think about it. I would like to help him develope his talents. but for now.... Baseball!


joyce said...

Thanks, Jennifer. I never felt comfortable dancing, and for a while growing up, we attended a church where you got a note from the pastor so that you did not even do dancing in PE class. I know my Dad's parents enjoyed dancing, but the grandparents on my Mom's side were the opposite. I think if I had made them dance as boys or even teenagers, they would have hated it. But, it is the best way to have fun with girls in college---in fact it is the best kept secret, taking every dance class college offers.