Sunday, April 13, 2008

Walk Down Memory Lane

I asked my husband, Bob, to show me how to add a picture to my page. For twenty-five years now I have taken a picture of the boys on the first day of school just like that old Kodak commercial. I used to count seven rocks to the same spot to stand and try and capture the often reluctant-to-cooperate. A few of those pictures show the little guys in or by the double stroller. And at the end, the older one has flown the nest. Then youngest got his own place. Middle son graduates from college on Mother's Day this year. What a fitting day?! Our last month tied to a school or college schedule. We are weaning ourselves off of having to travel only when school is out. For twenty-five years we have had to know when is spring break. For twenty-five years we have been sensitive to exam days and lunch time schedules. Soon we will be free !


Bob said...

They were soooo cute. Still are, but not so easy to pick up and hug anymore.

ShalomSeeker said...

A bitter-sweet freedom, no?

And your new pic on the right could be titled, "Great Fashion Moves By Andy." Where did those shorts come from?!? LOL!

Mother's Day: graduations, orders...are you gonna be okay? :-{


joyce said...

The orange shorts appear in four first day of school pictures---two on Andy and two on Ben. Ben loved the color orange and red as a kid. (until the teacher marked papers with red pen as something bad)

Well, I wasn't gonna win the newest mother or mother with the mostest, anyway...and at least, MY mom will be with us, so I can make it a personal Mother's Day wish this year. Ha.

James thinks he is giving me a great gift---graduating on Mother's Day. He reminds me that he left for rotc camp last year on my birthday, too.

And think of poor Aunt Sally--two sons in Iraq on Mother's Day. Yikes.

joyce said...

The blue patterned shorts might have been swim trunks, but when your boys can dress themselves, I kinda picked my battles...and since I bought them green socks, or socks of their favorite color, I can't very well criticize when they chose to wear them with wild shorts. Ha.