Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I accidentally hit a mystery button and it posted an empty post. I don't know how I did it. Oh well, its a mystery. Might as well post somethin'.

I know, I will list the vitamins and supplements on my computer table here and y'all will think I am some kinda health nut:

Ginger Root capsules (good for tummy upsets, and I read recently, pms/menopause)
Crystalized Ginger (yummy, and see Ginger Root)
Vitamin C (guard against colds, and 'cause I don't eat enough fruit)
Alive multi-vitamin
Kroger slow release iron
B-50 Super B-complex
E complex
Cranberry capsules (prevents urinary tract infections)
Metamucil plus calcium capsules (no way can I choke down the powdered stuff)
Cod Liver Oil (mom recommended)
Cinnamon (good for blood sugar regulating AND a Great burp)

I don't take them all every day. I can usually skip a day two or three times a week. And if I don't "get-er-done" in the morning, I either regret trying to force them down in the afternoon or defer until the next morning.


ShalomSeeker said...

I think you just did a Ten Things for Tuesday! (Okay, okay...so it was fourteen. Picky! :-D )

joyce said...

Wow---if I listed everything on my computer table here, whoa--the permanent markers in every color of the rainbow, the red glass bowl of yarn, knitting supplies, a bar of Starbucks mocha dark chocolate that I purchased at Walmart yesterday, (I ate the milk chocolate one--they break in curvy squares)
picures of me kissing Uncle Bob's head and he is smiling, hand cream---golden bond, curly aveda cream, picture of me with my Poppy when I was three or four years old, magnifying mirror for taming the eyebrow antenae, glass pyrex bowl for holding small balls of yarn when I knit so they don't go bouncing under my feet, toothpick holder of colorful paperclips, first aid cream, tape, puffs plus, and coasters and a spiral for note taking. Whew. Organized clutter. At Hand. At my fingertips. And a partridge in a pear tree...no, two purple curls from a gift to be recycled for a gift.

Bob said...

I'd never seen a "purple curl",
I'd hoped I'd never see one,
But I can tell my pretty girl,
I'd rather see than pee one.

For anyone who wants to know -- a "purple curl" is a curly wrapping ribbon.

(I think Aunt Joyce was shooting for "Thousand Things for Tuesday".)