Thursday, April 24, 2008

Anyone? Anyone??

The silence is deafening. Anyone? Anyone?? Ben Stine's documentary is now up to $3.4 million and is 26th in all documentaries. And the press says nothing. If it weren't for the Beatles Broad suing for using under 25 seconds of her husband's song, the MSM would not even admit the movie is out there. Amazing. A conspiracy of silence. Cowards.

And the irony---Yoko Ono is suing a free speech movie. A hippy suing over free speech. Rich.

EXPELLED, Ben Stine's movie not only rattled their cages, but proved his point that the media IS in on the darwinlovers conspiracy to shut out debate. WOW.

I salute you, Ben Stine. May God protect you and bless you, and I hope I get to shake your hand and say, "thank you" without blubbering.

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Bob said...

Yoko One -- anyone? Naaah, She's a nobody whose life counts for nothing.