Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Cleaning the Chairs on the Titanic

A severe hail storm blew through our area last night. I thought the hailstones were going to break our east windows. My husband had just dropped off to sleep and was starting to snore softly, and the pounding began. We will need a new roof. And there are dings on the cars. Bob got up and grabbed a hailstone to show me---big as a golf ball.

Once it was light enough to see this morning, we saw yard, walks, drive, and cars covered with leaves and broken branches. All our oaks had leafed out at different rates, so some of the leaves were full size, some just beginning. I picked up two huge trash bags full in time for the garbage man. But, I felt like I was cleaning the chairs on the Titanic because more storms are due this evening, and the radio weather folks are using the tornado word.

Our neighbor had huge herons come back and nest in the tops of their trees this year. Two pairs, and one without a mate. There must have been seven herons, because two lay dead in the yard. And two sets of herons on two sets of nests seem intact.


Bob said...

A world without herons would be a world without one variety of big messy birds.

Think NEW ROOF, dear!

joyce said...

yes, my friend was concerned about the math---at this rate their back yard was quickly being overpowered with big, messy birds. And I wonder if their dog has dug up the buried remains yet.