Saturday, April 5, 2008

Clean Garage

The garage is clean. Isn't that exciting? The garage is also our laundry room, so I like to keep it clean enough to drop clean clothes and not have to wash them again. That shop vac came in handy to blow out the dust and reach cracks and crevices the broom could not. And of course, the side yard walk had to be swept and blown or we'd just track the newly clipped yard back inside the garage. I don't hear the dryer squeaking. Must be time to add a new load. I have always wanted one of those fancy dryers with the buzzer to tell you the clothes are done, and now I do---when the dryer is done squeaking. The clothes are dry. The ear-piercing squeak can be heard from two doors down.


jennifer said...

Rub it in Rub it in. OH how I wish that I were saying that my garage is clean. And the mess that is there is all mine. I can't blame hubby a bit.



Bob said...

Aye, there's the rub. That's mostly my mess.

So I guess you must love me. Well, at least I did yard work.

joyce said...

And the yard looks great ! I think you got ahead of the weeds this year with all your weed pulling and broad leaf spraying.

And thank you for making coffee this morning. And for putting dishes away out of the dishwasher. Unlike Red Green, I find you handsome AND handy.