Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Comfort Food

One of my favorite comfort foods is baked beans with onions and garlic. I get hungry for it every once in a while, so yesterday I procured the onion and garlic cloves. This morning, while middle son and I watched the President's press conference in the Rose Garden, James was eating his pancakes, and I buttered the cassarole dish and started chopping the onion and peeling the garlic. James watched, but did not ask what I was making nor would he be offered any. Maybe he was making a mental note---eat out for lunch today. He always has the excuse of class or study group or lab. When I asked him later, as he walked out the door to class, what the plan was for today, he mentioned taking his uniform in to get the new patch attached to the shoulder, and picking up name tabs.

I forgot to add the brown sugar. Oh, well, it will need taste tested in a while, so I can add it then if it needs it. A squirt of mustard, a shower of Mrs. Dash...those I remembered. This dish was one my Mother used to take to church picnics and pot luck dinners. It is so simple, and tastes great with hot dogs or brats. But, my days of digesting hot dogs and brats are long gone. Ha. And my husband may notice increased flatulence---but then his blog is named, "The Lost Fart..." My brothers favorite comfort food is probably still Grandma's noodles or Grandma's chicken cassarole. Cracker Barrel eating establishments are one big comfort food source. And middle son loves their steaks eighty percent of the time. He gets a steak every time we go, but maybe one out of ten are not good or not tasty, or too grisley or something. Most times, he eats them just fine. And I am so glad where he is headed this summer has a Cracker Barrel at each Army post town. Whew. He will not starve.

What is your favorite comfort food??


joyce said...

I forgot to add how long to cook it. 350 degrees, covered with foil for two hours. I added a little brown sugar and honey and more Dash at the one hour mark, when it is still easy to stir. I kept tasting a bowlful every once in a while. Only one bowlful left for maybe a four o'clock snack. It is good cold, too. But, you can cook it as dry as you like. I took the foil off the last hour, too. I should have labeled it how to eat a whole dozen cloves of garlic and half an onion. Garlic is suppose to be good for you. We will see if husband notices garlic breath!

Bob said...

I knew there was something missing from that post, but I couldn't quite put my finger on it. Then I saw your comment and I realized what it was - the temperature, of course!