Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Back in 1981...Twenty-Seven Years ago this week...

It was a dark and stormy night. That is how I remember it... I had this attack of nesting, bigtime. And I had washed and waxed the Lincoln. We had taken a long, long walk, and I think I ate a whole pizza, and ice cream... And this time of year in Texas, we were just waiting for that first front to break the 100 degree days.

I remember sitting in the hospital room after Andy was born watching the Miss America pageant---the one where the girls have talent. A gymnast that year seemed to be able to contort her body in ways I could not imagine with my stitches...

Twenty-seven years ago this week, we brought home our firstborn son. And I became a MOM. He was the first grandson to my folks, and the first great grandson to three still living at the time. Our beautiful, blonde headed baby boy. We could not hold him or kiss him on the head enough. And he was so cute that even my siblings were inspired to give parenting a go.

I'll never forget the gorilla doctor (hairy was not the half of it) that I had never seen before in my life come into the delivery room, feel around on my tummy and proclaim, "small baby, no problem." Andy turned out to weigh over nine pounds. That silly doctor had to spend half an hour stitching me up when I tore.

And now, our firstborn has a beautiful baby of his own to love and hold and sing to. Happy Birthday to our Firstborn. We said then, "Welcome to the World, Andrew."

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Bob said...

It's so nice of God to send us a cool breeze this time every year to help us celebrate that blessing.