Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Re-Thinking Kroger

It was dumb to go to Kroger today at 5pm, but hey, I did not want to miss my dear husband's call. All I needed was packaging tape. It could have waited for a Walmart run tomorrow morning. The Glus-Condroit. might have been cheaper at Walmart, too. Kroger runs these buy one-get-one free deals, but whoa. That joint stuff is not cheap.

It made me mad to see the horrid "US" magazine staring me in the face at checkout. Right there by "People". Both looked to be bad-mouthing Governor Sarah Palin. I never buy them anyway, but it was tempting to ask them to be removed.

But, when the checker dropped the cherry tomatoes all over the floor, put them back and asked if I wanted them, that was enough. How many more signs does one need?

I did get a chuckle out of the display of lunch-sized mac and cheese wrapped in a wine pushing bunting. September is back to school month for some...so let's push that wine. Maybe this is the month that grapes are harvested and wine is made, I don't know.

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