Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My Husband Spoiled Me

Call me a Cow of Bashan. (see Amos 4:1)

Yes, my husband has spoiled me with his high standards of doing things right.

I could not figure out what was wrong with the paint job out front, and then it hit me: Bob would have sanded it smooth, then prepped the spot with primer, and caulk, and then painted. Instead, these painters just slap paint onto rough wood. Yikes.

And I thought that anything they did to the little house at back would be an improvement. Nope. It looks worse. The new siding does not match the old stuff. The new siding is thinner, and surely, they won't leave that corner exposed. Oh, dear.

Dear husband says to just make sure they leave plenty of paint for patching.

The irony---it looked splotchy to begin with. Now we just have different splotchy spots. Oh, well. Bob can fix it. But, that is sad. Why pay workers to do what you are going to have to do over? We might recommend this guy as a roofer, but as a painter? Nah.

Maybe if we had let him paint with a darker paint, the mistakes would not be so obvious. It should be a clue when you do not see your painters using any sandpaper. And I watched their job across the street, and saw them replace a rotten piece of wood, and paint it all in a day. Without priming, and without sanding.

And my other red flag that I ignored? This guy said, "we are good people". Sure, he is a hard worker. But, when someone volunteers that they are "good", well, it made me pause. And then there is that cultural thing. They promise the moon because they think that is what you want to hear. I'd rather they be honest.


AirmanMom said...

So sad... where is pride in a job well done?
I need to step out of my time machine and return to 2008...nah...going back!

~AirmanMom returning to her blog...

ShalomSeeker said...

My observation has always been that you guys take very good care of each other. I like to think that's how a good marriage should be, but what do I know? Only generations of family members showing my by example... ;-)