Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Most Amazing Sunday Sermon

What if you had studied a certain story in the Bible that is repeated in three of the gospel accounts.
What if you had looked at it from every angle, and researched it as much as you could.
What if you had even written a song to help you remember the important phrases.
What if you had prayed about it, and used it in a Sunday School Lesson, and pondered it.
What if you had even brow beaten your dear husband to please teach it.
What if you had kept the notes in your Bible just in case a teacher did not show.

And what if you had tried to keep it all fresh in your mind by blogging about it February 27 and 28th, 2008 and April 3, 2008.

And that story was your favorite one because it dwelt with a special woman.
And how Jesus told this woman something He never told anyone else.

And what if you then showed up at church one bright Sunday morning in September, and a pastor from out of town---a missionary, in fact, preached on that very story and finally proclaimed the words you'd be longing to hear preached from the pulpit.

Wouldn't you be amazed? I am still in shock.

1 comment:

jennifer said...

HA! Sounds like it is a good shock. Like something that you have hungered for for a c=very long time.