Friday, September 5, 2008

I got a commenter---then I lost it---but found it in my email. Whoop!

Hi Joyce,
I'm a longtime reader of One Cosmos & saw your comment regarding Piper Palin fixing Trig's hair. Here's a copy for you.

Now, as to the linky-dinky thing, there are several ways to go, some more user-friendly than others. Blogger appears to have some info here, including instructions on how to create them manually.

Don't be shocked by all the weird HTML code that will appear in your working-comment-box, it's perfectly normal. You can test whether the link displays & functions correctly by clicking the 'preview' button (down next to the 'publish your comment' button)

If the Blogger's auto-set-up does not work for you, many browsers have 'add-ons' that come with hyperlink features. Check the website for your browser for 'Hypertext link' or 'Text Formatting' to see what's available. Once it's installed, make sure it's set for HTML code (not BBcode or Wiki code)

For example, I'm running Firefox & installed the add-on
"Text Formatting Toolbar" (from the Firefox Add-On Website) which lets me play around with comment-text quite a bit, and includes drop-down-and-fill boxes that make linking a breeze - and they always come out right.

Hope this helps you in your quest to conquer hyperlinking. Yes You Can!

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